Feed Your Love Life!

One of the easiest, most delicious ways to rev up your sex life is to add some edible ingredients by having some ‘food-play’ with your beloved.

Just like sex food is associated with biological needs and mental and emotional urges, so you see eating doesn’t just keep us alive it makes us feel good.

How do I get started with all this food-play I hear you asking well lets look at Tantriczone’s top three tips for bringing food into the bedroom.

Tip 1. Sensory Overload – Start to stimulate your senses by using foods that smell and feel good on bare skin. Hot things up by finding foods that you can heat up like honey and chocolate or you could go in the opposite direction and opt for ice-pops, frozen grapes or even plain old ice. Just play round with these things, running them over your erogenous zones such as neck, earlobes, lips and nipples.

Tip 2. Let Your Mouth Do The Talking – Good oral sex is about varying the amount of pressure and speed with your tongue and mouth. Good food-play works the same way. Don’t simply lick food off parts of your partner’s body, try sucking cream off her finger or gently nibbling honey off his nipple. Whatever your choice start with simple small tongue and lip touches before you move to fully devouring them with your warm mouth.

Tip 3. Talk and Have Fun – Experimenting with new things can sometimes be very nerve racking so as always with new things communication is the key; tell each other what turns you on and what doesn’t where you like to be licked and what doesn’t tantalize your tastebuds. ‘Play’ is the main component and most important part of this type of sensory connection so above all things make sure that you both have fun.


Alisa Harewood

Alisa Harewood is the owner of a Weight Management Consultancy that is focussed on inspiring people to become the best version on themselves by aligning their mind, body and soul through fitness,wellness and nutrition.

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