I believe that sex and intimacy is of great importance in a marriage, partnership and when you are single.  With sex being such a taboo subject we don't often get the chance to openly discus it with others in fear of being judged or even shamed.  It is not something that is taught whilst growing up, so many of us have relied on fantasy books and pornography to learn what we know.

As an Intimacy Coach and Sex Educator I have been sharing my love and passion of living a sex positive lifestyle by teaching what i have learnt and experienced throughout my life.  I provide couples and singles with a safe place to openly discuss their sexual desires, fantasies, preferences, or history without judgement.   

I help people to better understand their bodies, learn new skills, build confidence and bring back the the fun and intrigue back into your sex lives.  Whether you’re dealing with relationship changes, medical issues, overcoming shame, exploring fantasies or you just feel like you need something different, I can help you discover what will work for you and figure out how to make it happen.

I will support you on this journey to sexual fulfillment and share ideas, feedback and tools that will help you to achieve the sex positive lifestyle you deserve.