Tantra Sessions

Tantric sessions are for people that would like to discover new and enriching ways to reconnect with themselves and each other by experience new levels of intimacy on all levels; emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The two very important principals in practicing Tantra are:

1. Being fully present in the moment.

2. Letting go of our agenda based ways of operating that result in our need for control.

In Tantra we surrender our limiting beliefs about ourselves, about sex and even about what we think we want and need. As long as we are forcing an outcome, open-hearted pleasure and communion with our beloved will remain out of reach.


Yoni Massage

The "Yoni” is a Sanskrit name for the female genital system which means 'Sacred place’. The Yoni is a beautiful and magical space which has the potential for ecstasy, peace and enlightenment. The purpose of the yoni massage is really to heal. Women store a lot of their trauma and unexpressed emotional pain in the…

Tantric Massage – For Women

A Tantric Massage honours you in your entirety.  Heart, soul, mind, emotions, body, spirit and sexuality.  Tantra seeks to unite all, thereby transcending duality and separation.  I aim to help you connect with the source of the divine that is within you.  Reconnecting with yourself, helps you enormously to connect with others in your life. A…


Tantric Massage – For Couples

Tantric Massage as a couple is the most amazing thing that you can do for your relationship. Unlike other experiences, the Tantric Massage that i will teach you is so powerful, and thorough that it is a proven method for enhancing relationships, restoring relationships and taking the relationship to higher, more profound levels. FALL IN LOVE…