The ‘H2O’ a cocktail that is bedroom ready

Water Flowing

Forget about champagne, fruit and herb infused still or sparkling water is a new cocktail that is not only able to keep you fully hydrated during long hours of lovemaking it’s also calorie and sugar free making it this season’s newest and healthiest cocktail for couples.

Water is essential to our body for a variety of reasons, if you want be a sex machine you will want to be a well-oiled one but unike most machines that need oil the human body needs water.

Here are a few facts that may interest you about our dear friend H2O and why it should be the cocktail you decide to take into your private boudoir.

  • Increased Labio – Water not only helps your metabalism it transports oxygen from the blood through the body and brain which gives you both better physical and mental energy that can be put to good use in the bedroom.
  • Keeping You Hydrated – Being dehydrated can release stress hormones as your body goes into survival mode, this then throws off the correct balance of sexual hormones such as testosterone.
  • Making You More Flexible – Guess what ingredient makes up the lubricant between your joints? You guessed it Synovial Fluid is made up of water so drinking more of it makes putting your legs behind your head a little bit easier.

Why not spend some quality time together and create your own H2O’s for each other, once you have drunk your cocktails why not feed each other with the leftover fruit. I think you would agree who knew water could be so sexy.

Great H2O Cocktail recipes

lemon-water-1-1-700x1108Lemon Mint Water  – For this light and tasty beverage simply combine some fresh lemon slices with mint leaves to create a great refreshing taste. The citric acid in the lemon stimulates your liver and helps it detox all of the impurities, while the vitamin C helps buff up your immune system!  For added flavor, set your Lemon Mint Water cocktail to steep in the fridge overnight to help awaken your senses in the morning.                                                                                                                                       


key-lime-raspberry_largeWatermelon Rosemary Water – Chop your watermelon into cubes, crush them in a glass and slip in a fresh sprig of rosemary for a fresh fun (and pretty!) drink!  Rosemary is a great herb, renowned for it’s unique health benefits such as helping to improve skin, hair growth and protect against infection.  Watermelon provides vitamins A (also great for skin), Vitamin C and potassium as well.


rosemarywatermelonaguafresca-boxwoodavenueRaspberry Lime Water – A handful of raspberries with a twist of lime not only brings color and intrigue to your water glass! Raspberries contain strong antioxidants like Vitamin C and the twist of fresh lime juice gives you a great weight loss aid along with the natural remedy of the mint, an option worth trying if you want to improve your skin.


Alisa Harewood

Alisa Harewood is the owner of a Weight Management Consultancy that is focussed on inspiring people to become the best version on themselves by aligning their mind, body and soul through fitness,wellness and nutrition.

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