Tantric Massage – For Women

A Tantric Massage honours you in your entirety.  Heart, soul, mind, emotions, body, spirit and sexuality.  Tantra seeks to unite all, thereby transcending duality and separation.  I aim to help you connect with the source of the divine that is within you.  Reconnecting with yourself, helps you enormously to connect with others in your life.

A Tantric Massage works with your sexual energy.  Tantra is really the art of relaxation during arousal, and this is what opens up new and extraordinary possibilities within your own body.   Your energy is aroused at the beginning, in a very relaxed and natural way, and during the massage, you can expect your genital and erogenous zones to be honoured in a very calming, fulfilling, loving and sensitive fashion, taking the energy you generate in your genitals, and moving it around your whole body, connecting everything. The relaxation and the build up makes for a powerful and climactic ending.

The session is genuinely loving, nourishing and caring, and i will be present with you during the experience.

A Tantric massage gently introduces you to the main keys of Tantra, which is always a deepening into your sexual potential.  You will be gently guided to breathe deeply, relax, stay present for yourself, and to use your imagination and your breath to help circulate this powerful healing energy around your body.  This can result in bliss states, altered states of consciousness, new experiences of orgasmic pleasure in different parts of your body, and even full body orgasm.

The goal of this massage is not to orgasm, but if it does occur during your massage it is important to relax and allow yourself to give into it.  I will continue to instruct you to breathe , stay relaxed and in the moment and you will possibly experience more orgasms as the intensity builds as you ride the wave.  


Prices: (£50 non-refundable deposit required)

60 mins Tantric Massage £120
90 mins Tantric Massage £160


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