The Starts:
In a space that is warm, dimly lit and calming music and in the background.  We will begin by talking and you sharing with me what you are hoping to achieve from this session. I will give you some breathing exercises to do whilst you are getting massaged to help channel your energies and allowing your mind and body to relax further.


The Massage:
I will start with a full body massage to begin a process of deep relaxation.  Using warm coconut oil, I will work every muscle in your body (unless you request areas to be avoided), gently and with love, paying special attention to your back, buttocks and legs.
Halfway through the massage i will ask you to turn onto your back and will raise your hips with a pillow.  The massage will continue and i will focus on your chest, stomach, legs and sacred spot.  The massage of your sacred spot will not be rushed, it will start externally and if relaxed and comfortable i will proceed with an internal massage of this area.
The goal of this massage is not to orgasm, but if it does occur during your massage it is important to relax and allow yourself to give into it.  I will continue to instruct you to breathe , stay relaxed and in the moment and you will possibly experience more orgasms as the intensity builds as you ride the wave.


The end 
I will wind down the massage by extending the centred energies to the tips of your toes and fingers.  I will give you a few minutes to savour the moment and relax as your come back into yourself.  A simple houg will be the final part of this session.  You can take a shower to remove any excess oils, although these oils are extremely good for your skin and will leave you  .