Couples Retreat

The couples start to open up in therapy and share what they feel is missing from their relationships.  The truth is that sometimes in relationships we forget the reason we are together.

By starting of with simply talking with your partner it becomes clearer.

If you haven’t seen this movie already i would totally recommend it.

Film Description: Their relationship in danger of dissipating, a couple racing to salvage their marriage invites three other couples to join them at a tropical island resort. Upon arriving at the island paradise to enjoy some carefree fun in the sun, the other couples are disturbed to discover that participation in therapy sessions is mandatory if they hope to remain at the resort. Peter Bilingsley directs a comedy penned by Jon Favreau, produced by Vince Vaughn, and pairing the two Made collaborators onscreen with co-stars Jason Bateman and Faizon Love.

TM & © Universal (2012)
Screenwriter: Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn, Dana Fox



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My purpose in life is to promote the greatness of living a sex positive and open lifestyle. Helping couples to connect spiritually and sexually provide individuals with the tools to embrace, to connect with themselves Blogger |and all aspects of sexual pleasure, Tantra and female ejaculation techniques.

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